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This site will be going away soon. Please visit my personal site, The Pitt Stop.




Welcome to the unofficial resource site for Sothink DHTML Menu. It is the purpose of this site to introduce developers to Sothink DHTML Menu and to help users make better use of the program. We are not affiliated with Sothink or SourceTec Software.

Navigation is one of the most important elements of a Web site. No matter how attractive the site, or how good the information on the site, if visitors can't see what is available and access it easily, they are likely to leave. A good navigation system, or "menu", should be attractive, informative, easy to use, "search engine friendly," and accessible to all visitors. Sothink DHTML Menu, when used correctly, meets those criteria.

DHTML Menu Tutorials

This is not a tutorial site. Sothink has DHTML Menu tutorials on a wide variety of subjects at the DHTML Menu Tutorial Center

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